Leadership Testimonials
"In 1986, Woody Hayes gave the commencement speech at The Ohio State University. In that speech, Hayes, citing Ralph Waldo Emerson, spoke of the notion of paying it forward, stating 'You can pay back only seldom. But, you can always pay forward, and you must pay line for line, deed for deed, and cent for cent.' I have benefited greatly from the kindness and generosity of others, and United Way allows me the opportunity to it pay forward for the benefit of someone else."

Tony Alexander,
Jenks, Pyper & Oxley Co., L.P.A.
2008 Co-Chair, Leadership Circle

"We are all part of the fabric of the communities we live and work in. Our personal involvement in strengthening these communities is critical. United Way allows me to leverage my personal and fiscal commitment to best meet the region's most pressing needs. Through giving, I am able to help others and my own life is immeasurably enriched."

Laura Mercer,
Sinclair Community College
2008 Chair, Young Leaders Circle
"We are fortunate to live and work in a great community. I think that those of us who have had a degree of personal and professional success have an obligation to give back to others that maybe haven't had some of those same opportunities. United Way provides a perfect vehicle for doing just that."

Mark Lane,
The Berry Company
"When I think about why we donate our time or money to United Way, I am reminded of a note I received from a Miamisburg woman whose home had been repaired by a group of Kodak Versamark employees on Community Care Day ... 'I prayed for God to send his angels to help me and he sent all of you.'"

Marva Cosby,
Kodak Versamark
"Helping others in need makes you feel good - especially when these people live in your own community. Our local United Way is all about reaching out and helping those in our area who need it most. I give most of my charitable contributions each year to United Way's Community Solutions Fund because it is efficient; and it touches, yet prioritizes, so many good causes. I believe
a strong United Way helps create a better community."

Tony Taylor,
Dayton Hydraulic Company
"I contribute to the United Way because I know it makes a difference. United Way provides an efficient, effective way for the community to bring together local dollars, local leadership, and local agencies to address local needs."

David Kinsaul,
The Children's Medical Center
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