Report to Stakeholders - September 2006
Hope and Opportunity

Hope and opportunity are what your local United Way and the campaign are all about. Hope and opportunity are what our community needs right now.

Last year the United Way Partner Agencies that received program funding through the volunteer-directed Community Solutions Fund served 214,867 local children and adults in need. Taking into account all the Partner Agencies in the network, the figure would be exponentially larger. It is safe to state that easily one out of every three people in Montgomery , Greene and Preble Counties are touched by United Way each year. Most clients need more than one service so the numbers do contain some duplication. Yet, that fact also makes a case for the importance of the United Way because the network helps ensure that the full spectrum of needs is addressed while the root cause is tackled.

Unfortunately, all signs point to even more of our neighbors needing help this year. The response to our foreclosure prevention initiative is just one indication. Since the awareness program was launched at the first of the year, HelpLink 2-1-1 made referrals for 992 requests for foreclosure assistance and 92 for mortgage assistance.

The reality is that we must, as a caring community, provide services to those families who for the first time in their lives will need help. Meanwhile we cannot forget about our future and our youth.

The solution to the challenges we face as our community weathers the current economic transition won't come from the state or federal government. United Way has stepped up. You have stepped up. Now we need more individuals and companies to help raise $11.8 million through the 2006 Campaign to sustain the vital network of services. Fortunately, as a community, we have faced serious economic challenges before and came out strong. Our community can survive and thrive, but we can't do it alone.

Intervention and Prevention
Your United Way works everyday to alleviate immediate problems and to address the root causes behind them. While our region is in the midst of a major economic transition, now is the time to get upstream of the challenges. We have a lot of talent in this region working to shape a promising future. I believe if we keep in mind that economic development is intrinsically linked to human development, we will succeed.

It is through both addressing the immediate pressing needs and working to prevent problems at the source that United Way creates hope and opportunity for the hundreds of thousands of local people helped each year through your generosity.

Why United Way?

As a United Way Stakeholder, you have shown your support by sharing either your valuable time or treasure or both. If asked why you support United Way , how would you respond?

Here are a few points you can make to help champion your United Way .
  • Economies of scale: The annual campaign lowers overhead costs and allows more agency resources to be directed to programs.
  • Accountability: United Way's volunteers focus on local priorities and ensure quality services.
  • Value of a network: United Way works to bring our community together to address critical needs, to increase effectiveness and eliminate duplication, and to help fill the gap between needs and resources.
  • Results: United Way enhances local economic conditions by improving human conditions.
Your United Way wants to ensure that everyone in our community all children, families, and elderly have hope and opportunity. Now is time to step up personally and to inspire others to respond. There is hope and opportunity in your generosity that makes it possible for so many of our neighbors to get the help they need. There is hope and opportunity in the services the Partner Agencies provide and the difference they make. There is hope and opportunity in working together. Help us as a caring community spread hope and opportunity.

With sincere thanks,

Marc R. Levy
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