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Ann Curry Bungee Jumps for United Way

Middlesbrough, England, December 17, 2007 - TODAY Show anchor Ann Curry honored her pledge this morning to bungee jump on live TV after viewers collectively donated over $10,000 to United Way and Save the Children.  Standing on the edge of a bridge over the River Tees in England, she made the 120-foot plunge as spectators across the globe cheered her on.

When asked what she was thinking before she made the jump, Ann said “I was really thinking, ‘I hope this does some good.’ If you’re going to do something as crazy and stupid as that, you want to feel it was worth it. I wanted some good to come out of it, and I think it did.”

Video of Ann's jump can be seen on the TODAY Show's .

NBC also sponsored an online auction of props, clothing and other items from several hit TV shows including "Heroes," "30 Rock," "The Office," "Friday Night Lights" and "Las Vegas." United Way stands to receive up to 15% of the proceeds from this auction. Proceeds from both of these promotions will be directed toward United Way early childhood education initiatives.
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