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United Way Campaign Continues to Increase

Dayton, OH, March 3, 2008 - United Way of the Greater Dayton Area officials announced today that contributions to the annual campaign supporting local health and human services in Montgomery, Greene and Preble Counties totaled $11,812,600.  The campaign was up for the third consecutive year in a row.

"Off of a rapidly changing base due to continued shifts and challenges in our local economy," United Way President Marc R. Levy said, "this is a tremendous accomplishment and the third straight year we have overcome losses between three-quarters and a million dollars."  Last year, $11,800,405 was pledged, but by the time the campaign was launched in the summer, the base was only $11 million.  "We actually saw growth from current and new contributors of more than $800,000 this year," he said.

"During this time of economic uncertainty running deep in our community, many people responded generously to meet the growing needs," Levy said. "As a result, we've been edging upwards, yet we must continue to stretch because more people continue to need help."

The local United Way partner agencies have demonstrated a need for at least $2.9 million in additional funding beyond what is anticipated to be available for allocations from the 2007 campaign. "That's why we need more people to help us reach our stretch goal." Levy said. The funds will be used to support programs addressing priority needs in the areas of Positive Youth Development, Financial Stability Leading to Independence, and Health and Well-Being of Individuals and the Community.

"The challenge going forward is to continue to reach out to people who do not have a workplace campaign," Levy said. "We are trying to make it easier for them to give back and get involved." Levy urged people to go to the United Way website at to make a donation or check our opportunities to volunteer throughout the community.
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