A Brother and Role Model
Six-year-old Brendon came to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Miami Valley when his mother decided that he needed a positive male role model.  Recently diagnosed with ADHD, he was having difficulties focusing on his class work and had behavior problems at school. 

The United Way funded agency paired Brendon with an adult male volunteer who could provide the type of role model that he needed.  His new Big Brother’s influence and support provided Brendon with the structure that helped reinforce positive behavior.

Big Brothers Big Sisters also collaborated with other United Way Partner Agencies including Family Service Association, HelpLink 2-1-1, and Unified Health Solutions.  Big Brothers Big Sisters routinely refers families to Family Service Association for counseling and group support.  HelpLink works with family members who need additional social services resources or can identify options for children who don not qualify or on the waiting list for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  Also many families have been referred to Unified Heath Solutions for day camp assistance during the summer.

Having a Big Brother has had a wonderfully positive impact on Brendon, according to his mother.  She reported that his behavior had changed dramatically in the past few weeks.  His teacher told Brendon’s mother that his behavior at school had changed for the positive – he didn’t appear to be upset or hostile anymore and was able to focus better on school work and bond more easily with his classmates.

Brendon and his mother are extremely happy with the development of this relationship and the services that Big Brothers Big Sisters is providing and their outlook on life has changed for the positive.  Thanks to Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the United Way, Brendon is developing a better perspective on developing a relationship with an adult male within the community and this relationship has made all the difference.

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