United Way Helps Foster Miracles and Success
Success truly does breed success at the Dayton Urban Ministry Center.  This United Way Partner Agency provides personal development classes, income tax assistance, after school and parental support programs, and other services to help neighborhood residents in West Dayton achieve financial stability and independence.  United Way funding is extremely important to the Center and helps it live up to its mission of empowering residents to become a vital and stable community through social, economic, and educational programs.

Samantha was not sure what direction her life would take.  “I just knew I needed to get off the streets,” she said.  Her mother worked as a housekeeper at the center, so Samantha started going there after school and helping with the youth programs.  She sought ways to improve her situation, but she also wanted to be of service to others.  As a client of the DUMC, Samantha has developed a resume that includes, Grant Writing, Fund Raising, Marketing, Leadership, and Computer Literacy.  As a volunteer, she’s discovered a heart for service.  One of her favorite ministry programs is the weekly ‘Chat n Chews’, where local residents enjoy a good meal, friendly conversation, and inspirational presentations.  “If you want to connect with people, feed them’, she said smiling brightly.

Nancy has two young children.  Last December she was working two jobs, but neither offered much of a future and she couldn’t make ends meet.  It was Christmas and there was nothing for the children.  She came to the Center looking for relief.  Nancy earned her GED this spring and is now attending Sinclair Community College.  She also gives her time and her energy to give back to the Center.  Most importantly, Nancy gives hope and encouragement to others.  Her eyes light up as she says, “I’m blessed for the Center.  If it wasn’t for the Center, I wouldn’t be where I am.  I’m going to college.”

You can count or measure meals, bus passes, and counseling sessions.  It is harder to measure miracles.  At the Center, despair becomes hope, fear becomes courage, need becomes inspiration, and loneliness becomes community.  With the help of the United Way, at the Dayton Urban Ministry Center, success breeds success and miracles do happen.

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